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Dr. John Bates is the CEO of Testplant, a visionary technologist and highly accomplished business leader. He's also the author of the book “Thingalytics: Smart Big Data Analytics for the Internet of Things.”

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Thrive in the Digital Economy With Intelligent Digital Experience Monitoring

1/9/18 / by John Bates posted in Automation testing, DevOps, Digital Experience, UX, UX testing, artificial intelligence, intelligent monitoring, analytics


For a while now (about 10 years), Dev and Ops have been trying to get along. After all, collaboration between the two creates fast feedback loops and gets high-quality software into users’ hands faster. But with a new space emerging, digital experience management, Dev and Ops need to make a new BFF—the business—to stay in sync.

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Avoid the App Scrap Heap

9/25/17 / by John Bates posted in App testing, Application testing, Customer Experience, Digital Experience, Real User Experience, Test automation, UI testing, Automated testing tools, UX testing, IOT, AI


You can find 28 million apps on Google Play and 22 million in Apple’s App Store. Yet, nearly one in four people who download an app use it only once. Apps are incredibly slow under certain circumstances, don’t work in key parts of the workflow, and have less-than-optimal usability. The app scrap heap is growing because many organizations are still testing to ensure code quality, not a superior user experience (UX).

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Testing is Broken. Let's Fix It.

9/13/17 / by John Bates posted in Automation testing, Digital Experience, User Experience, UX, Automated testing tools, UX testing, AI

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If you’re in the software development and testing realm, you know how rapidly things have changed in a short amount of time. Digital business is here to stay and companies in all sectors are disrupting their business models and undergoing digital transformations to stay relevant. They’re turning to agile development approaches and DevOps to spark innovation and rapidly deliver new, cutting-edge products and solutions that meet evolving customer desires.

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