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Michael Giacometti is the director of technical services at Eggplant. With more than 20 years of experience, he is an internationally recognized leader in QA. Michael was a co-founder of Class I.Q. (now part of IBM Greenhat), has designed features for HP ALM, and developed licensed QA products for Cognizant. In addition to speaking at several conferences, Michael has published white papers on the future of QA, and has led several, large-scale QA and digital assurance transformations within the Fortune 100.

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Transforming Customer Experiences With Eggplant

8/14/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in User Experience, Performance testing, User experience testing, artificial intelligence, user journey, Selenium, shift up, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, customer experience optimization, Real Customer Insights, Customer Experience Insights, business outcomes, business KPIs


Customer experience transformation is a key initiative for any business that wants to position itself for the 21st century. Two important concepts involve updating and digitizing technology, and creating persistent customer relationships. According to Bain & Company, customer experience transformation starts with “… simplifying your core business and digitizing it where it matters.” McKinsey & Company writes that in any customer experience transformation, “… the voice of the customer can be used to identify upstream and cross-functional issues and address the root causes of problems.” In short, to see positive results, you need well-tested, high-quality digital assets that reflect ever-evolving customer needs and desires.

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Shift Up: Out of One Tool, Many

5/31/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in DevOps, User Experience, test management, User experience testing, artificial intelligence, shift left, shift right, shift up, voice recognition software, Eggplant AI


This is Michael's third blog in his Shift Up series. You can read the first blog here and second blog here.

On May 21, 2018, Bank of America announced that it was rolling out its chatbot, Erica, to all its mobile customers. On the surface, the premise makes sense. It’s making the bank more relatable. It’s providing real-time customer support to people where artificial intelligence (AI) assistants like Siri and Alexa are becoming the norm. It doesn’t have the limitations that some phone-based IVRs have, and it aims to provide immediate assistance instead of making us wait for a human (we’ve all shouted “representative” or pressed zero dozens of times to get a real person). Erica is a great way for Bank of America to optimize the customer experience.

But let’s pull back the covers and ask some basic questions. How does Erica know the customer so well?  How does Erica pull from different sources of information? How does Erica know what products and services to offer? What systems, both homegrown and third party, does Erica need to be effective? 

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The Customer is Always Right ... and That Customer, and That Customer, Too.

4/25/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in QA testing, User Experience, user journey, test automation strategy, shift left, QA, shift right, shift up, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, intelligent testing


It’s no secret that the digital revolution is quickly changing the way businesses and customers interact with each other. Like Blockbuster, companies that don’t understand the evolving needs and tastes of their customers will die, while companies like Netflix that fail fast, quickly adopt technology, and evolve, will thrive.

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The Need to Shift Up in QA

4/11/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in Automation testing, Digital Experience, Quality assurance, User Experience, Software test automation, artificial intelligence, digital automation intelligence, shift left, quality control, QA, shift right, shift up, COE


Sometimes I feel as if I’m the Forrest Gump of quality assurance (QA). Since 1998, I’ve been through the beginning of automated integration testing and service virtualization through being a co-founder of Class I.Q. (now IBM Greenhat). I’ve been through the first phases of an automated testing center of excellence (ACOE). I’ve been there for the start of risk-based testing, and I’ve been a part of the transformation of QA from a somewhat necessary function to something that is now the core and chief concern of any company putting out quality software and apps.

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