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A Babel Fish for Testing

5/2/18 / by John Bates posted in Digital Experience, Test automation, User Experience, IOT, APIs, user journey, continuous integration, continuous delivery, QA, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, intelligent testing, fusion engine


It used to be that software testers could test their applications on just one platform, and only have to worry about testing that the code worked.

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The Role of API Testing in the Digital World

11/10/17 / by Antony Edwards posted in UI testing, UX testing, APIs, API testing


Consumerization, digital experience, DevOps, mobile, fragmentation, and microservices have changed how software products are architected, how they’re produced, what they do, who uses them, and those users’ expectations. As a result, there’s been a massive shift in testing requirements, both in terms of what we’re trying to achieve and what we need to do.

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