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Transforming Customer Experiences With Eggplant

8/14/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in User Experience, Performance testing, User experience testing, artificial intelligence, user journey, Selenium, shift up, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, customer experience optimization, Real Customer Insights, Customer Experience Insights, business outcomes, business KPIs


Customer experience transformation is a key initiative for any business that wants to position itself for the 21st century. Two important concepts involve updating and digitizing technology, and creating persistent customer relationships. According to Bain & Company, customer experience transformation starts with “… simplifying your core business and digitizing it where it matters.” McKinsey & Company writes that in any customer experience transformation, “… the voice of the customer can be used to identify upstream and cross-functional issues and address the root causes of problems.” In short, to see positive results, you need well-tested, high-quality digital assets that reflect ever-evolving customer needs and desires.

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Three Key Lessons from Amazon’s Prime Day Performance Problems

8/7/18 / by Alex Painter posted in User Experience, Performance testing, synthetic monitoring, website performance, customer experience optimization, continuous monitoring, Real Customer Insights, performance monitoring, Monitoring Insights, Customer Experience Insights


Just one hour of downtime cost Amazon an estimated $100 million in lost sales. Unless you were completely off the grid, you’re well aware of the performance issues Amazon and its shoppers experienced on what was touted to be the biggest Prime Day in the company’s history.

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