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Surviving Black Friday: Why Avoiding Outages Is No Longer Enough

7/24/18 / by Alex Painter posted in User Experience, Downtime, Outage, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, website performance, KPIs


If you’re an online retailer, there’s a good chance you’re busy gearing up for the pre-holiday rush. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been pushing retail sites to the limits of their ability to cope with surges in visitor numbers.

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British Airways Outdated QA approaches = unhappy customers

9/6/17 / by Antony Edwards posted in British Airways, Downtime, IOT, Outage, Legacy System, Slow Testing, Software Glitch


Back in May, British Airways suffered an outage that cost them £150 million and left 75,000 people stranded. After days of speculation, BA announced that the outage was due to an engineer causing a power cut. Surprisingly, BA suffered another outage in August 2017, with its spokespeople announcing that they experienced “temporary check-in problems” but the “earlier problem has been resolved”.

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