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Eggplant Functional 18.1: Exciting new features for faster, more efficient testing

7/17/18 / by Pamela Gillaspie posted in UX, Functional testing, software testing, Eggplant solutions, intelligent testing, Eggplant AI, model-based testing, JUnit 5, Appium


Earlier this month, we released Eggplant Functional v18.1. This latest version introduces a variety of new features designed with speed and efficiency in mind, and to bring Eggplant Functional and Eggplant AI closer together. Read on to see what’s in store when you upgrade. 

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Introducing Eggplant AI 2.1 and New Accelerators

7/12/18 / by Gareth Smith posted in artificial intelligence, continuous integration, continuous delivery, intelligent testing, Eggplant AI, real user monitoring, model-based testing, real user insights


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Shift Up: Out of One Tool, Many

5/31/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in DevOps, User Experience, test management, User experience testing, artificial intelligence, shift left, shift right, shift up, voice recognition software, Eggplant AI


This is Michael's third blog in his Shift Up series. You can read the first blog here and second blog here.

On May 21, 2018, Bank of America announced that it was rolling out its chatbot, Erica, to all its mobile customers. On the surface, the premise makes sense. It’s making the bank more relatable. It’s providing real-time customer support to people where artificial intelligence (AI) assistants like Siri and Alexa are becoming the norm. It doesn’t have the limitations that some phone-based IVRs have, and it aims to provide immediate assistance instead of making us wait for a human (we’ve all shouted “representative” or pressed zero dozens of times to get a real person). Erica is a great way for Bank of America to optimize the customer experience.

But let’s pull back the covers and ask some basic questions. How does Erica know the customer so well?  How does Erica pull from different sources of information? How does Erica know what products and services to offer? What systems, both homegrown and third party, does Erica need to be effective? 

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