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Don’t Test the Code, Test the Business

5/24/18 / by John Bates posted in Digital Experience, Test automation, User Experience, UX, User experience testing, UX testing, testing best practices, testing strategy, user journey, intelligent monitoring, continuous integration, continuous delivery, QA, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, intelligent testing


Quality assurance (QA) used to be a compliance activity. You were releasing a product and needed to test it and stamp it “approved.” QA was about testing that the code worked. You might manually test the code. You might have even tried some automation — coding a set of test scripts that would try to capture regressions or errors that you had eradicated in the past, but which somehow crept back in. All in all, you were reasonably satisfied that you achieved a level of test coverage that met your goals. Then, you put your code into production and crossed your fingers that nothing went wrong. And if it did, you tried to fix it as quickly as humanly possible.

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Thrive in the Digital Economy With Intelligent Digital Experience Monitoring

1/9/18 / by John Bates posted in Automation testing, DevOps, Digital Experience, UX, UX testing, artificial intelligence, intelligent monitoring, analytics


For a while now (about 10 years), Dev and Ops have been trying to get along. After all, collaboration between the two creates fast feedback loops and gets high-quality software into users’ hands faster. But with a new space emerging, digital experience management, Dev and Ops need to make a new BFF—the business—to stay in sync.

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