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Link Real User Journeys and AI-Assisted Techniques to Improve Quality

8/22/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in DevOps, QA testing, User Experience, User experience testing, testing best practices, artificial intelligence, digital automation intelligence, QA, AI-assisted testing, Customer Experience Insights, user acceptance testing


To keep up with DevOps, testing and QA teams typically adopt a shift-up approach to move quality further up the software development lifecycle. The goal is to complete system testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure a bug-free release. While product quality has a direct correlation to increased revenue and positive business outcomes, this isn’t enough in the 21st-century marketplace. QA’s job isn’t just to de-risk applications by finding defects earlier but to help de-risk business strategy and potential problems with your user base by reporting customer experience defects. 

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